Sunday Online Worship- May 5, 2018

Sunday Online Worship- May 5, 2018

Today I am attending the service while doing this blog. I always like jotting down notes while attending a service. Of course I don’t take notes the whole time. It’s important we worship and hear and do the words of our Lord.

Today I am so sad and broken and I do not know what to do. We are all sinners especially me today.  I pray that I can redeem myself and I know I get like this when I lack prayers in everyday. We should always be careful that by being good in everything we do or by trying to serve others and do good works in our community , we do not forget to have a personal time with God through Jesus Christ.

My silent time is non-existent and I couldn’t agree more that I lack prayers and relationship with our Lord this whole month. He gave me a job and made it smooth of a transition for me. All of my prayers were answered and yet I failed to keep in touch. Made some compromise which I shouldn’t because He is King of Kings and he doesn’t need anything of us for him to answer our prayers but to repent and believe in Jesus Christ. I struggle to feel not a disgrace to this very fortunate situation we are in. We are saved by grace and not by works.

The service tonight said that the devil will try to remind us of who we were. And I believe earlier today that’s what happened in me. All of my hope, love and faith gone in one flash. And I do think living on is not an option like there will be no more for me in the future and yet here I am regained inside and remembered I am child of God.

It is so good to be loved by our Lord and I do appreciate feeling like this and in reality I believe I should really be communicating with God in everyday asking the Holy Spirit for guidance because we need constant help from our Lord. We need his light, his love, He is everything there is and we should all aim to be by his side one day and not concern ourselves with trivial stuff in this world. We are not of this world. We should aim for what is not of this world for the everlasting life with Jesus Christ.

Very well I know it well when I am with people that believe but I should remain believing even with unbelievers although when you remove one burning coal away from the hearth then the burning will subside but bring it back and it will burn with the rest.

This blog for today may be so weird and so out of place some things written here but this is how I feel while hearing the word of God. Most realization happens while I am worshiping which is so great and I should do in everyday in my personal way.

I’ve been blessed so much. Thank you Lord!

While we are here this is our verse of the day:

“do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”

Philippians 4:6 ESV

All has been quite well and God did hear my prayers but I did not keep my end. I should and I shouldn’t be doing it again telling our Lord I will do this and that if my prayers are answered I do not have the right to do that because our God will answer prayers even without our good words to be made in the future. We should do good works to glorify God and not because we want our prayers to be answered because it wasn’t for that purpose. I could say it is an old habit when I wasn’t a Christian yet. Although this couldn’t always be the excuse and I shouldn’t make this excuse and I should be strong to keep my words and to do everything to honor God.

In everything we do let’s do it for the Lord.