About this blog

This blog is about sharing my Christin life as it starts. I am in no way a professional blogger or writer but I think my blog about my walk with Christ and my life is worth writing about. May we all share our stories and have an online fellowship here.

I made this blog to have a separate blog about what I do spiritually. Many cases talking about religion is almost always frowned upon or creates havoc in my line of work but there is this conflict in my mind that I do have to share what I know if not at stream then maybe here.

I hope to talk with other Christians all over the world and especially with pre-believers  so that I hear their pains and share my own pains too and struggles in life.

About the author

I am a baby Christian and you can call me Rizza♥. And I would love remind you guys that our ultimate author in our lives is God and Him alone.

I had my water baptism April 28, 2018 in Victory the Fort  BGC Taguig. Hearing the GOSPEL this January 2018 from a college classmate completely changed my life and I hope to change people’s lives as well though the help of the Holy Spirit which I asked for guidance everyday.

I’ve been a very bad person, a sinner for real like all of us but I was saved by grace and I am very thankful to my Lord and Savior. May we all walk with him through our life and ask for guidance and may we believe that He has a plan for all of us. I will be sharing my life here and my past experiences that you might have experienced too and let us all have a conversation about them.